Welcome Message from Founder, Yuki Nara

With the support of many people, this website is finally born. I would like to give a big thanks to all my friends and clients for encouraging me to come towards this direction. The ultimate goal of this website is that anyone who visits could get even a little bit of information about trees, and make the best use for a tree's life.  In the near future, I will provide pruning courses about Aesthetic Pruning of various trees, such as Japanese Maple, Black Pine, Flowering trees, etc. for all the levels from beginner to professional.

Working with and learning from trees is a life long endeavor and I am still learning from each tree. I would like to share the knowledge I have gained from my teachers, the trees, and wisdom with all the people who visit this website.

When trees can get better care and attention, it will be my happiness, the clients' happiness, and the tree's happiness. I simply believe that if we, as a humanity, become happier people it will expand like a ripple to our family, friends, and neighbors.

My mission is to bring the world an awareness that each person is enabled to live through the harmony and blessings of nature and to hopefully inspire gratitude for the animals, the plants, and all forms of life.

Infinite gratitude goes to my teacher Dennis Makishima, Rick, Choiti, Michael, Ghislain, Goi-sensei, Bob M., webmaster Melinda, my clients, and all the trees.

            Yuki Nara
            Plum Blossoming Season, 2005
            Berkeley, CA

"The more you develop in your own being, the more infectious it becomes till it overwhelms our surroundings and, by and by, might oversweep the world." --Mahatma Gandhi


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